2006 2006
Establishment of first bioKEMIX company in india
2008 2008
Establishment of Wholly owned foreign company in China
2009 2009
Establishment of bioKEMIX company in UK
2011 2011
Strategic Partnership with scienTEST in Germany
2014 2014
scienTEST becomes part of the bioKEMIX group
2016 2016
Aquisition of production company in USA
2017 2017
Acquisition of LUC GmbH, Germany - a solvent purification & distillation company
2018 2018
Strategic partnership with Transene Co., USA
2019 2019
Aquisition of Promochem - A reputed high purity solvents European brand

Aquisition of Lab Scientific - A laboratory supplies business based in USA

2020 2020
Fund raising Round 1 completed
2022 2022
Acquisition of Actu-All Chemicals b.v - a specialty chemicals production company in Netherlands

Acquisition of Park Scientific Ltd – a producer & distributor of fine chemicals in UK

And More to Come

bioKEMIX announces the acquisition of Actu-All Chemicals b.v, Netherlands
bioKEMIX announces the acquisition of Park Scientific Limited, United Kingdom


11july 2022

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